samedi 26 mars 2016

Rescue dog transport

  On Thursday, we had arranged to assist in the transfer of a rescued dog to its new temporary family.
Accordingly, we visited the temporary quarters at Animal'Or at Sauze Vaussais to collect this lovely Boxer, called Guayane. She had apparently been adopted from this establishment some five years ago, before being recently dumped back, as her family had found her inconvenient! Some humans are strange.....
  We found her a most attractive dog, very affectionate, clean, quiet in the car,a little pulling on the lead, only natural in a dog recently confined in kennels. A little training would soon have sorted this. She was very thin, too, but otherwise seemed in sparkling health, very interested in her surroundings. We found her absolutely charming, we would have kept her ourselves if we had room.
As arranged, we then drove her to Gencay, to hand her over to Camilla, her new keeper, until a permanent, loving home can be found. I'm sure the Association will have no problems in rehoming her, the first family seeing her will snap her up. Is anyone reading this blog looking for a new companion? Give me a ring.....
  We left her licking Camilla and drove back home, a bit tired but happy to be able to help in this worth-while work.
   Bye for now, breakfast calls.

samedi 19 mars 2016

A Visit from the Patriarch

    Spring is definitely in the air. The last week has been drier, milder, the stove isn't lit until the evening and Spring tasks have been undertaken in the garden. The resident hedgehogs have emerged from hibernation and can often be seen stealing the surplus cat food as night falls. Yesterday, a smallish one was on the dish but last night I spotted the patriarch of the troupe, an animal we are calling the Patriarch. He is a very large hedgehog and, as you can see, his spines have turned grey on his back, which must indicate a fair age.
  I saw on TV last night that hedgehogs are becoming rarer in the UK. Well, this certainly isn't the case round here, we have at least two residents and I suspect several more, there are droppings around the cat dishes every night. We are pleased to help these charming animals which also help us by eating slugs and snails. Long may they continue their life here in La Mort Limouzin!

     Bye for now, morning coffee calls.

mercredi 2 mars 2016

Spring just around the Corner?

   Yesterday was sunny and dry,the first for a few days. Even though it was nippy in the wind, we did at last succeed in finishing cutting the cour, which had remained half-cut like a drunkard for almost a week. I succeeded in trimming most of the rest of the vine on the buildings and, best of all in giving the car a long-overdue wash. At the moment, there is a diversion in force around Chef, which forces a trip down a muddy, narrow lane, which has left it brown, rather than green.
 The rain returned in the evening, however, so gardening has been suspended for the moment; today seems to have reverted to normal March weather, sunshine and showers. Still, the weather will now be on the up, I am really looking forward to walking the dogs in tee-shirt and shorts again.
  On the health front, I seem to be sleeping better, we are going to risk moving back into the double bed, abandoned as I was disturbing Kim, here`s hoping it works out!

 Bye for now, lunch calls!

jeudi 25 février 2016

Mort Lim Diary

   Just a short entry to bring you up to date. We're both fed up with the weather here, nothing but drizzle and rain for a week or more, most unusual for France. We can't sort the garden or cut the grass in the cour and the vine is still awaiting its annual pruning, should have been done by now. The cour and field are soggy, the cats are coming in with muddy feet and hopping on the work surfaces, can't wait for the Spring to arrive.
  Still, moan over, there is good news around, especially concerning my progress health-wise. My hand and arm are continuing to benefit from the Kine sessions and are about eighty per cent back to normal, I can do most of the jobs I did before. Last week we saw the nominated Doctor for an examination to see if I could resume driving and he gave me the all-clear,handed me my licence back together with a bundle of forms in triplicate for the Prefecture and said there was no reason I couldn't drive straightaway! Much rejoicing here!
  Thre was further good news on Monday, when we had an appointment to see the Opthalmo to have my eyes checked, although in fact the Doctor had done a brief test . After having me peer into several alarming machines, and read the usual charts, she announced that my eyes had suffered no ill effects and my vision was satisfactory, although I should have new glasses, not surprising as the current ones must be four or five years old.
  All in all,good news, completed by a return visit to the Psycologist, consulted as I had some depression, she gave me the all-clear on that, too.
  We have bought a small trailer to enable us to take green waste to the tip. Bought second hand from the Field Emporium, we pulled it home last week, another first. Haven't tried reversing it yet...

  Well, that's all from here for the present. Bye for now, morning coffee time!

mercredi 17 février 2016

Home Kine

No, in fact this picture is NOT evidence that Kim and I have decided to hang ourselves simultaneously, but are my attempt to create a Kine exercise machine! We have recently decided to go to a different Kine centre at Melle, as the one at Chef seemed to offer little individual attention and I felt that improvement had stalled. The new expert seems much more dedicated, but unfortunately was n leave for a week just after my first sessions. To keep up the impetus I decided to construct a version of a machine used by both centres. It consist of a cord running over two pulleys, which raises and lowers each arm alternately . The professional version has special stirrups at the ends of the cord but my version works just as well...The machine cost 10Euros for materials, I have seen that the Kine sessions cost 19Euros per session at Chef, at least one third of which was on this machine. Good value, eh?
  I have just had the first of three sessions this week at Melle, and am hoping for great things

Bye for now, I pad battery going!

lundi 25 janvier 2016

Update and various reflections


I note I haven`t posted an Ark for ages,so I thought I would post a sort of selection of thoughts and reports.
   On Sunday, as it was so sunny and mild, we visited our favourite local attraction, the weir at Rejallant, near Ruffec. it looked beautiful, with loads of water coming down the Charente and we had a gentle wander over the new footbridges. a pleasant foretaste of summer. We used to like the restaurant there but it's gone very up-market and expensive.. Afterwards, we had a drive over the Charente at Condac and visited the hamlet of La Leigne, where we often used to walk.. Later, perhaps when my legs have strengthened...
   Another reflection which comes to mind is gratitude at the warmth emitted by our wood burner . Bought to replace the old and decrepit cooking wood burner, it's true you can't really cook on it but it's easy to light and gives far more heat for less wood, as the air circulates between the caste iron core and the sheet metal casing. As you can see, it only has a small window through which you can see the fire but this feature hides a clever trick. Most wood burners with 'picture' windows have to be cleaned daily or they soot up so the fire can't be seen. The clever trick with our Supra is that the window is very close to the firebox, protected by stout bars . It is of a special glass and is itself protected by an outer double glazing. The inner window becomes extremely hot and any soot burns off, it needs no cleaning at all. Neat, eh?

    Other more personal news is that my cold has finally departed and Kim's is much better, though there is still a nasty cough which is difficult to shake off. She's feeling stronger, though. I'm still having Kine sessions twice a week, and things are gradually improving, not as quickly as I would wish. Still when I remember the state I was in when I left Niort hospital to go for rehab at Le Grand Feu, there's no comparison I'm nearly back to normal, just a case of building up strength and dexterity.

Bye for now,going to get in some logs!

mardi 12 janvier 2016

Back home again!

Well, here we are re-installed in our French home,  quite a change from Alyson's house in Goosewell. We spent a very happy few days in Plymouth, having made the sea- crossing both ways and the long car journeys with only one car- driver, as my licence is, I hope, temporarily withdrawn in view of my stroke in October. Kim had to face the driving on her own, which daunted her a bit, but she is feeling proud at having managed it. We stopped at St Brieuc on the way up and spent the night, before embarking the following day. On the return overnight crossing, due to sea conditions, the ferry was diverted  to St Malo rather than Roscoff. This in fact suited us fine, the journey by road back home being 100 km shorter! We thus managed it without an over-night stop. No doubt, foot-passengers for Roscoff, who had to face a long coach trip back there were not so keen....
   Unfortunately, we have both brought back with us an unwelcome souvenir in the form of a virulent English cold, which has left us both very much under the weather, with severe chesty coughs.. I haven't felt much like blogging but will try to upload some Christmas pics and especially some of Mimi, the new great- granddaughter in my next.
   Bye for now, got to take my medicine....