samedi 9 juin 2018

Noah's diary..Damage to the Ark

 The bolt hit the pole at the top of our street, blowing the lid off the telephone box, all our lights went out, the power supply to the phones exploded, making Kim and I jump a foot in the air. We had had storm warnings for the morning but as the thunder seemed to have receded, we had started to reconnect the systems trusting that the lightning would start in the distance. 
  In the event, the first bolt was almost on top of us! We went to the Mairie to ask them to ring Orange for us and after a couple of days, a technician rang to say he would call. He replaced the burnt out box and said we had phone and Internet back, but would need to replace two filters. In the event, our router and live box also needed replacing, as our very competent expert, Nick explained the next day. He replaced the two boxes with a single combined second hand box which seems to be working well. I got the lights and power on again by resetting the fuse switch and luckily that was the extent of the damage.
  Phew even the thought of that huge bang gives me the cold shivers! Bye for now!

Blam! Lightning strikes the Ark

  On Sunday, we were very shocked when a bolt hit the pole at the top of the road, only 50yards away,  

jeudi 31 mai 2018

Noah's diary ..further hospital visit.

   On Thursday 31st,we had a further visit to Niort hospital, for a scanner this time. The appointment was for 220pm and we arrived in good time but had great difficulty in parking. We got into the waiting area just in time, but in the rush I had forgotten my trousse so Kim had to return to fetch it.The nurse inserted a drip into my arm to inject a substance to highlight the details, which made me feel warm all over and I was then put on a bed and passed through the scanning ring. After quite a short time, it was all over and I spent a quarter hour with a drip to purge out the substance. We were then free to go. I had packed a box of biscottes to eat straight away, as I had to starve during the morning, Kim bought us a coffee. She kindly drove us there and back as I had taken a Xanax being a little agitated this morning.
  Now back home, having a well deserved drink. Bye for now.

mardi 29 mai 2018

An unfortunate hospital trip for Noah.

   On Monday morning , we were due at Niort hospital for checks following a worrying loss of blood from my rear end. A colloscopy as it's known involving a rectal examination. Firstly, I had to clean out my bowel by inserting a rectal wash which cleared me out completely. After a session on the loo and a shower , we set out at 830 for an appointment at 10.
    At first, all went well, we arrived with half hour in hand and had no problems parking in the free car park laid aside for consultations. Then problems began!
  The consultant's secretary told us the op was cancelled, the ERM had given all the information needed. The consultant had phoned to tell us but we hadn't picked up the message, the rectal medication wasn't needed! We did also have an appointment with the anaesthetist that afternoon, so our trip wasn't entirely wasted. Helpfully, the secretary phoned the other department to see if it could be rescheduled for the morning and this a was done.
  The anaesthetist said I would have to stop the blood-thinning drug I take and replace with a different one to avoid bleeding during the op. This had to start five days before, so my hospital admission would have to be delayed. This info would be passed on to the consultant. We were able to return home without further delay, pausing only for a coffee and a bun in the canteen.
  That afternoon he rang and spoke to Kim. The news was not good, the samples taken from the growth showed that it was cancerous and an op would be needed plus perhaps chemo and radiotherapy.... A shock but not completely unexpected. We shall have to face it together.
  Today, I start a low residue diet to prepare for surgery, I can eat only things which don't fill the gut, such as rice, ham chicken etc. Milk and veg are not allowed.
  Bye for now from a somewhat gloomy but resolute Ark.

mercredi 25 avril 2018

The Ark visits the Hope shop at Ste Soline

  Yesterday, we paid a visit to the Hope shop , taking with us a van load of items donated by friends, together with some contributions from ourselves. The Berlingo has been full of sacks and boxes for some days, so we were pleased to get rid of them. In case you haven't heard of Hope, it is an organisation dedicated to raising funds which are then sent to various charities which help animals. The gifts from donors are sold off at very attractive prices, as Hope has no costs in acquiring its stock. Many of the items are new and from prestigious marques. Clothes, books, children's toys and electronic and electrical items can be purchased at minimum cost, and the shop has become well known to English and increasingly to French buyers. Yesterday, we were bent on replacing our electric iron , the original one having been dropped by Noah... We found a new Rowenta steam iron at only 3eur !  Kim bought loads of clothes and several handbags plus a replacement torch and I found several books at a euro apiece . In addition, we ate bacon sandwiches for lunch and sat out in the sunshine to enjoy them.
  A bit dazed with sun and buying we set off for home very happy with our day out.

Bye for now, sitting by the gaz Fire, it's a bit parky today and spitting with rain, quite a change from yesterday!

mercredi 11 avril 2018

Knife crime in the UK

   There seems to be a spate of murders in London at present, figures suggest the death toll is worse than New York ! The remedy is to remove all knives from people, and in England, as in France, anyone caught in possession of a bladed weapon is instantly arrested and charged by the police. I feel that the remedy is not in the possession of a knife, but in the changing of the attitude of persons, especially the younger generation. When I was a teenager, admittedly in the dim and distant past as I am now 76 it was a stage of growing up to get your first penknife at about 12 years of age. All small boys had one in their pocket, admittedly not very sharp. The only person in danger of being cut was the owner and this was carefully concealed from our parents in case the implement was withdrawn. We used our ne knives to peel sticks, carve wood and slash vegetation threatening to block the paths we took on our rambles... The thought of stabbing someone never occurred to us. British kids just didn't DO that, it was the Spanish  and Italians that sank to these depths.... Yet I don't remember any cases of knife crime from my teenage years, though the term teenager was not invented til the sixties.
   Incidentally, the ' weapon' shown in my header pic was issued to Mediteranean army units to be the most unwarlike tool imaginable, incapable of stabbing anyone, perhaps these could be authorised by the Authorities..
   In my own case, I would be lost without my Swiss Army knife and continue to carry it guiltily. I would starve to death without its scissors and short blades as my left hand is no too weak to tear open food wrappings!

vendredi 30 mars 2018

Another death in the village

   We have recently heard that Blanche, Phillipe's mother, died in hospital . It must have been very sudden, as she had asked to return home a couple of days earlier, though the hospital hadn't allowed this. Very tragic for Phillipe and all his family to lose both in such a short time and sad for all at La Mort Limouzin.